Tremblant’s 24h of Skiing

December 12, 2014

24h-Tremblant12 employees of BNP Paribas in Canada attended this month the 14th edition of the Tremblant’s 24h ski and contributed to collect funds for several foundations.

The Tremblant 24h of skiing is a relay challenge lasting one whole day and organized at the Tremblant ski resort. It aims at collecting funds for the benefit of children. In its 24th edition, 201 teams registered, accounting for 2300 attendees, a new record.

BNP Paribas was present at this event. 12 participants skied down the slope 91 times, sometime at a speed exceeding 100km/hour. Thanks to their generosity and the various fundraising events organized these past weeks, the team collected 3,600.00 $. Overall, 2,302,643.00 $ were collected during that event.