Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of BNP Paribas’ commitments

As a global actor, we must promote and encourage diversity of origins, non-discrimination linked to age, gender or sexual orientation and / or gender identity, the best accessibility for people with diverse abilities and religious diversity …

Valuing each employee of the organization as an individual and treating everyone on an equal footing allows us to create a work environment that values and respects people for their talents, skills and competences.

Real source of performance, productivity and better overall satisfaction on a daily basis, the inclusion of all differences also allows us to reflect our customers and better understand their needs.

Beyond regulatory or legal requirements

To reflect the diversity and multicultural character of our society, the bank fully subscribes to the principles of the Federal Employment Equity Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act.

In Canada, BNP Paribas has created the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DE&I), responsible for the strategic direction of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives within the bank. Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and the Head of Human Resources, and with the help of our employee volunteers, the Council has taken important steps in its commitment to promote and maintain a diverse workplace, inclusive and welcoming for all.

Since its creation, the DE&I Council has worked on the following pillars:

Professional Equality: Act to advance equality between women and men.
Sexual orientation & gender identity: Act for a respectful working environment.
Diversity of origins: Act for better inclusion & representation of all origins.
Indigenous Peoples: Act to promote inclusion and representation & engage with Indigenous communities.
Abilities supporters: Act for the professional integration of people with disabilities.

Our people are our greatest resource

The success of inclusion is also at the heart of our employees’ commitments. At BNP Paribas in Canada, we have 9 Employee Resource Groups focus on various Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives.

Logo MixCity

Mixcity CanadaThe group’ objective is to promote the promotion of professional equality, as well as the development, recognition, recruitment and retention of women within BNP Paribas.

Logo Pride

PRIDE Canada The objective of this group is to raise awareness among our employees about LGBTQ2S+ themes at work and to offer new opportunities for networking and personal development.

Logo Black Heritage

Black HeritageThis group is an advocate for educating, raising awareness, connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with Black people in order to create a safe, respectful, diverse and inclusive work environment.

Asian ERG Logo

Asian HeritageThe objective of this group is to raise awareness, exchange and celebrate the rich heritage and diversity of the Asian region.

Hola-Ola logo

Hola – The objective of this group is to share the cultural richness of Latin America in Canada by promoting heritage and cultural diversity.

Family Logo

FamilyThis group aims to have a unique place at BNP Paribas in Canada where employees can find information, share advices and better support each other through their different lived experiences.

Indigenous Logo

Indigenous The ERG aims to promote awareness within the bank though training and internal communications, and to engage with indigenous communities through ESG initiatives, volunteering, arts, music, cinema, corporate philanthropy, and recruitment.

Reach logo

ReachThe Canada Reach ERG aims to promote Career Development efforts in collaboration with the local talent and development department to increase awareness and provide opportunities to support employees’ career paths. Their objectives are to educate, spread awareness, connect and share Career Development opportunities and experiences, while encouraging a respectful, diverse and inclusive work environment for the Canadian platform.

Ability logo

Ability The mission of the Ability ERG Canada is to actively advocate and promote equal opportunities, accessibility, inclusivity, solidarity, and empowering of present and future employees with disabilities

MENA: The Middle East & North Africa ERGThe MENA ERG initial mission is to support and encourage employees from North Africa & Middle East descent to advance their skills and leadership potential through mentorship & transversal collaboration.

A winning ecosystem

A women looking at her computer screen
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Acting in favor of diversity and inclusion also involves training and raising the awareness of all employees. By increasing the number of local actions (e-learning, conferences, signing a charter, etc.), BNP Paribas is ensuring a real impact on all of its employees.

It is also about contributing to the development of these values beyond the doors of the company: by sharing these good practices with suppliers, customers and all stakeholders (schools and universities, associations …).

Partnerships and Certifications

In order to strengthen our commitments and policies in terms of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we have signed various partnerships and obtained various certifications.

Logo Rainbow-Registered Certification
Pride at Work logo