Accessibility Plan

At BNP Paribas in Canada, we are committed to ensuring accessibility for all our employees, clients and stakeholders. Pursuant to the Accessible Canada Act and its regulations, we have prepared the following Accessibility Plan which illustrates how we are tackling barriers to accessibility.

A feedback process enables the Bank to respond to feedback regarding the manner in which we are implementing this Plan, and the barriers encountered by the Bank’s employees, candidates, clients, stakeholders and the public.

The Accessibility Team is designated to receive feedback on behalf of the Bank with respect to accessibility matters and this Plan. The Bank welcomes such feedback, and individuals are invited to communicate with the Bank in one of the following ways:

Once a person provides feedback to the Bank, a designated Bank representative will contact the person to discuss the feedback, in a manner that considers the accessibility concerns identified. The feedback will be escalated as appropriate and, where changes are implemented following the feedback, the person having provided the feedback will be informed, subject to any legal requirements or confidentiality considerations.

Our feedback process is accessible to people with disabilities. The Bank will provide for accessible formats/communication supports to facilitate the feedback process upon request